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Roaccutane and Rhinoplasty Combination Safe?

I got closed rhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago. I finished a 4 month (20\60\60\60mg) roaccutane treatment about 7 weeks before my rhinoplasty. I didn't talk about this with my surgeon at all since I didn't know it was relavent until now. my skin was actully pretty oily again when I got the surgery done and started to break a little which is why i wanted to complete one more month of it. 1) Could I have done damage by not waiting enough? 2) Is it safe to take it now? (my nose has healed well so far)

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Accutane and Rhinoplasty



Thank you for the question. There isn't any evidence to show that Accutane will negatively affect the results of rhinoplasty. Accutane limits re-epithelialization of the skin and is really only a concern during facial resurfacing procedures (laser, chemical peel, dermabrasion). Therefore, I would sleep well that you didn't do any damage. However, you should disclose all medication to your surgeon in the future. Even neutraceuticals (herbal supplements) can have a drastic effect on your recovery. As for the Accutane, discuss restarting the medication with both your dermatologist and surgeon prior to restarting the medication. I hope this helps. Take care. 

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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