Acne Gets Worse on Roaccutane Before Improvement?

When on Roaccutane  does everyone's acne get worst before it gets better? I have only been on Accutane for 2 weeks and 4 days and my acne has really cleared up with no signs of getting worse as yet, except for two cystic acne that came up last nite. I just wanted to know if they will still get worse.

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Accutane usually not worse before better


Accutane in most people makes acne improve after several weeks. In approximately 1/3 of patients, there can be a worsening of the acne in the first few weeks as the underlying acne is all pushed out at the same time. Accutane really gets going in the 2nd & 3rd months. If you have not worsened in the first few weeks, you will not at this point.

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