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Is There Any Risk of Zerona Causing MS? Does It Affect Fat (Myelin Sheaths) on Nerve Cells?

Since not all fat is bad, especially fat needed for nerve conduction, I was curious if anyone had any information or knew of any research findings related to this and the use of Zerona? I really am considering getting 3 to 6 treatments because I found a great price close to where I live, however, the more I thought about it, I was wondering about long-term ramifications to other "fats" that might be inadvertently effected by this laser. Any thoughts or feedback?

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Any risk of Zerona causing MS


There is no relationship between these poor treatment results and MS. Where did you get this idea? The ZERONA is truly a poor therapy for fat reduction, even on Real self the failure rates are very high. From MIAMI Dr. B

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