Vaser Liposuction for a Patient with Type II Diabetes

What are the risk involved for a diabetic type II getting a vaser lipo?

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Diabetes and liposuction


Patients with diabetes that are well-controlled certainly can have liposuction, but their risks of complications after and during surgery are higher than a non-diabetic individual.

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Vaser liposuction for a patient with type II diabetes


Risks all increase statistically. Higher infections, clotting, bleeding, pulmonary problems. Be sure to receive a full medical clearance prior to any operation

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Liposuction risks with Insulin Dependent Diabetics


Insulin dependent diabetics are at a higher risk for infection and wound healing due to a suspected poorer blood flow through the skin. This is especially true with poorly controlled diabetics. Safety would dictate that the patient have a cardiology clearance before any major elective operation but especially before a cosmetic operation - one whose only goal is the improvement of appearance.

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