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Neck Lift - Risk of Damage to Permanent Suture w/ Boxing?

I am interested in a mini necklift, which involves permanent sutures near the ear to hold up the SMAS. I box as a hobby and have concern about the suture ripping when I get hit. Is that a real risk? Thank you for your time.

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Necklift concerns


When a necklift is performed, skin/soft tissue is removed and permanent sutures are used to hold muslces,etc. in place. With time, scar tissue develops that essentially keeps things in place.Therefore, you certainly should be able to resume physical activity, including boxing, after a necklift.

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Risk of Damage to Permanent Suture w/ Boxing


As Dr Mayer states ALLOW FULL HEALING. This can take 6 weeks than there should be no issue. From MIAMI Dr., Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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Boxing and a minilift.


You would need to wait at least 6 weeks to 12 weeks to prevent injury to the skin. The suture won't break, but the tissue won't be healed enough for boxing.

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Neck Lift and boxing


In the acute convalescent period of several weeks, a wound's strength is very weak and is dependent on the deeper sutures to help securely hold the tissues together.  A hard blunt blow could tear the tissues around the sutures and then the skin might be more apt to spread apart. Your surgeon would have to tell you how long to avoid contact sports after the procedure. For some patients their metabolism, skin condition and genes determine how they heal. If you've had other surgery it is important for the surgeon to evaluate those scars to see how you heal which may give a clue as to the risk of your boxing after the lift.

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Boxing After a Necklift


A Neck-lift is designed to contour an oblique neck, creating more definition between the jawline and neck.  Although sutures are used in this endeavor, the sutures are used to induce scar tissue, which maintains the desired look from the Neck-lift. Therefore, after 6-12 weeks or so, activities such as boxing can be resumed.

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Neck sutures and future activity


Some surgeons do use permanent neck sutures to achieve the desired results. However, After a few months, scar tissue will have developed to maintain the result and it should be okay to resume all activities.

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Damage your neck lift with Boxing


Thanks for the question.

The permanent sutures utilized with the necklift will be supported by scar tissue which will develop over time. I would give it several weeks ( no less than 8) before you resume full contact boxing, in order to give your face sufficient time to heal.


Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

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Risk of damage to neck lift results with boxing


Any sutures that are permanent to hold up the neck muscles after a few months have usually been healed over with scar tissue. The scar tissue itself would be holding the new muscles into place and the sutures are probably not holding anything up after that. It is acceptable to undergo any type of sports without any fear of damaging results of the procedure.  

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Boxing and Necklift is there a match?


Dear patient from Carrollton, TX
Regarding your question of having a mini necklift and continue boxing after your surgery. I recommend you to wait for at least 3 months after your neck lift to allow deep tissue to heal. After deep tissue is well healed the permanent sutures no longer play a major role holding the tissue. Good luck and good healing.

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