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How to Get Rid of a Red Mark on my Nose? (photo)

Hi, Ive got a raised red mark on my nose. Ive had it for about 3 years from acne. Whats the best way to get rid of it? Ive just started using Bio oil to see if it helps.

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How to Get Rid of a Red Mark on my Nose?

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First off, it is important to be evaluated by either a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to ensure that this spot is not something to be concerned about. If you have a small skin cancer or something worrisome you don't want someone trying to hide it with a laser. This unfortunately happens with serious consequences for the patient. Assuming that the redness is due to scar tissue or prominent blood vessels, the area can be treated with a vascular laser. While this can require multiple treatments, the procedure is typically very effective. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Pulsed dye laser for red spots

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From the picture, which is blurry, your mark appears to be a spider angioma.  These respond well to pulsed dye laser treatment with negligible risk of scarring or pigment changes.  Alternatively, it could be electrocauterized, but this would result in a tiny scar at the site.  Either way, I advise you to have this evaluated by a Dermatologist before treatment to make sure it is an angioma and not something else like a basal cell skin cancer.  

Michael Contreras, MD
Englewood Dermatologist
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