How Can I Get Rid of my Acne Spots and Chicken Pox Scars? (photo)

I am almost 18 years old and have acne frm 4 years of so..... but now due to my recent chicken pox, scars have developed on my face and it is becoming weird........ and i am sick of spots :'(

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Acne Spots/Chicken Pox Scars

Depending on the depth of scarring, either microdermabrasion or Dermaroller treatments may reduce the appearance of "pitted" scars. Keep in mind that microdermabrasion is a less abrasive treatment but will require more sessions. As for any discoloration or dark spots, a series of chemical peels may eliminate this issue. Typically, these services are offered in a dermatology office and/or medical spa.

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Acne Marks and Chicken Pox Scars

After evaluating your photo, I recommend that you speak to your dermatologist about having a series of Fraxel laser treatments.  The Fraxel laser treats both post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from old acne, as well as pitted scars from chicken pox in the past.  Most patients require a series of 4 treatments for optimal improvement.  Additionally, the Fraxel laser is safe and effective for use on skin of color.

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