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How do I get rid of this "lobe" on my jawline? (Photo)

This was created in a "pinch" procedure. A doctor didn't want to completely flatten a fatty dermal lump so it was pinched and some skin excised off the top then stitched back up with a "double closure and 4-0 monocryl deep suturing." This has had four kenalog injections and a "foreign body granuloma" nodule excision performed and still remains a blight on the jaw contour. What's the best final last step to flatten this sucker!

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Jaw Line Nodule

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It appears as if this nodule needs to be surgically excised.  It is difficult to tell exactly from the photo provided.  Please find a plastic surgeon in your area who has experience with facial surgery and cosmetic repairs.

An excision would remove this.

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It appears that an in office excision of the area would solve the problem as long as there is not an underlying issue such as a salivary gland that is causing this lump.  

Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon
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How do I get rid of this "lobe" on my jawline?

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Not real sure of the sub mental/jaw issue unless seen in person.. Appears as an easy local anesthesia repair..// 

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