How Can I Get Rid of These Deep Lines Under my Eye?

I'm 15. I have had this lines since as far as I can remember. My mom said it runs in the family.

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Lower eyelid lines

Before thinking about what to do about lower eyelid creases, it is important to ask a couple of questions: 1) do you have a history of allergies to dust or pollens that may have caused you to rub your eyes excessively, and 2) why do you feel it necessary to do something about them? As far as question #1 is concerned, often, people with a history of "hay fever" during childhood present with creases of the lower eyelids, sometimes accompanied by dark circles. It is important to control allergy symptoms before considering any cosmetic treatment to the area, the most popular being chemical peels or injection into the area of hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g. Restylane, Juvederm). Question #2 challenges the notion that every wrinkle must be corrected. The quest for perfection is misguided.  Only those wrinkles or other "imperfections" that create an older than expected appearance or an unnecessarily worried look should be considered for treatment. BOTOX has had a major impact in that situation The appearance of a wrinkle is, of itself, not a good reason to seek its "correction". 

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Deep lines under eye

It is not uncommon to see deep lines on the lower eyelid even in teenagers. I would advise you to appreciate your overall beautiful eye instead of those natural lines which are common.

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How Can I Get Rid of These Deep Lines Under my Eye?

     You are very young to be considering intervention in this area.  A filler such as Restylane could be used to fill the tear trough.                                                                                                                                         Kenneth Hughes, MD                                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA

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