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How can I get rid of acne and oily skin on my face?

Hi, i'm 17 years old boy. My face always stays oily and i have acne on face which are increasing day by day but it may disappear for month . Now it's too much and it hurts if i touch. It's white head most. What should i do about my oily skin and horrible acne ?

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Acne is a Medical Condition

Acne is a medical condition, it is a result of clogged pores. Everyone has P.acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acne) that live on the skin, when there is an excess of sebum (oily skin) this causes the bacteria to multiply in the pores. This results in inflammation, redness, swelling, heat, tenderness and sometimes infections.

The best thing for you to do is to see a Board Certified Dermatologist. When you see a Dermatologist they will assess your skin and can prescribe medication as necessary for your acne.

There are a variety of different medications that are both oral and topical that can help improve your acne. You may also need to have manual extractions and or possibly laser/light treatments for your acne.

Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see what the best option for your acne is.

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