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I had a rhinoplasty done 4 weeks ago. I have noticed a hard bump on each side of the nose bridge, will they go away? (Photo)

To removed the hump on my nose the doctor raised the tip, broke my bone, clipped the sides of my bridge and also scrapped it down. I feel hard edges on the side of the bridge and its flat ontop. my left side sticks out more and the left nostril is also raised more. I was told to massage the area and put pressure. The tip of my nose is swollen and the bridge is sensitive when I put pressure. I'm just worried if those bumps will ever go away or will I have to do a corrective surgery afterwards?

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It is common to feel irregularity in the nasal osteotomy site.  These do not need treatment unless they are visible.  You are still in the early post op period with swelling.  No final decision should be made for a least one year.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD   Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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