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Rhinoplasty Tip and Slope- Will It Drop In Time?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to straighten a bump on one side, remove cartilage from the side and narrowed the bridge. He also shave a mm from the tip in the end. I find that the tip looks a bit thicker now and that there is a bit of a slope, especially on the side there was no bump. I didn't want a slope. The doctor even said he will take a little off not to make a slope. Will the tip thin out and the slope go more straight as the tip subsides or is this the result I will have to live with? Will the tip drop in time?

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Tip slope dropping


Without seeing your nose or knowing what exactly was done during surgery it's hard to comment on what to expect. You should ask your surgeon to get a better answer. Certainly, at only 3 weeks from surgery you would be expected to have quite a bit of tissue swelling in the area still so the overall tip appearance should change with time.

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