Nostril Asymmetry and Deepened Scar Due to Rhinoplasty Swelling?

I had open tip Rhinoplasty to remove a hump and straighten my nose about a month ago. The hump is gone and I'm happy with that but it still seems asymmetrical

One month after surgey, after taking a picture, one nostril seems higher and slightly larger with a deeper scar than the other, which looks relatively normal. Is this due to swelling? Will it even itself out or will I need a revision if possible to fix in a years time?

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Nose appears different early post


Give it some time prior to making any final judgments or decisions. Swelling early in the psotoperative period can distort the nose and be misleading. Generally allow at least 3-4 monthn

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1 month is too soon to judge your result after rhinoplasty.


You should bring your concerns to your surgeon. You still have alot of swelling after only a month, so you'll have to sit tight for now.

I'd be happy to comment if you post / email pictures of your full face (frontal and both profiles)

Best regards.

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