What to Expect with Rhinoplasty for Reducing Nostrils?

I am considering getting Rhinoplasty to have my nostrils reduced, as my doctor admittedly under-corrected since I was already having 5 surgeries. I want to know, what I can expect in pain, downtime, and visible stitches, scars and bruising if I have this type of surgery?

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Nostril Reduction Surgery

Nostril reduction surgery (called Alarplasty / Alar Base Reduction) is a procedure that can narrow the width of the nostril base, decrease the amount of nostril flaring, or decrease the size of the nostrils.

It is possible to perform this procedure alone or as part of a rhinoplasty. It can be performed alone, but keep in mind that in order for the nose to appear natural, it must adhere to certain proportions and also be in balance with the other facial features.

The incisions are placed in the crease where the nostril wall meets the cheek. When performed correctly, the scar is hidden in the "new" crease where the nostril meets the cheek. The incisions can remain red for several weeks, but generally heal very well and are not noticable after that time.

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Ala reduction

I have performed many ala reductions, especilly on African American patients. They do not complain of any added discomfort. I use both dissolvable sutures and tiny skin sutures that are removed a one week. The scars go on to heal very well and are very hard to find when full matured. Good luck!

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