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Rhinoplasty Kenalog 40 Injection?

By getting kenalog 40 injections in the nose once every month for about 6 months, can this cause moodswings/depression? Please help me in all that you know about the matter, thank you

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Kenalog 40 should be used sparingly after rhinoplasty.

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It is extremely unlikely that these injections cause mood swings. The important question is why are you getting monthly injections.

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Rhinoplasty and kenolog injections

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Dear johnnyandolini,

  • It is a relatively small dosage that gets injected, but you could be extra sensitive to it
  • If you notice a correlation where these mood swings come exactly the same time after kenalog injection, then it can be a cause
  • This is listed in the insert, but we do not usually inject a whole ml into the nose, usually it is 0.1-0.3cc, so it is a small dosage
  • There are other causes that should also be ruled in or out
  • After six months, you may not need anymore injections and you can try going a month without to see if you get the same symptoms

Best regards,

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