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Rhinoplasty in June/July - How Will It Affect my Summer?

I'm 18/f. I got kicked in the nose a few weeks ago, and my ENT said it is definitely broken.I'm getting a septoplasty/rhinoplasty done at the beginning of summer. My question is, how will the procedure affect my normal summer activities (swimming, tanning, etc)? Will it look normal by the time I go to college in September?

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Recovery after Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)


Recovery after rhinoplasty varies depending on each nose.  However, one can expect to feel discomfort the first night.  There is not significant pain at all, it's simply uncomfortable.  By day 3-4 postoperatively, you are back to the land of the living.  You are "social" at 8 days though.  Most patients can get back to working out at 2 weeks.  I recommend my patients avoid contact sports for 6-8 weeks.  Hope that helps.

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Recovery after Rhinoplasty in June/July


I will give you my post -operative instructions after rhinoplasty but there will be minor variations depending on what is done during the operation and your surgeon's recommendations. I tell patients to avoid strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks; after that exertion is fine but nasal trauma should be avoided for another month. Regardless of skin type, your nose will be more sensitive to the sun for 6-8 weeks after surgery. You will be fine by the time you return to school. You are smart to have the surgery before starting a new chapter of your life with new friends and colleagues.

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Rhinoplasty recovery


All physical activities including sports must be avoided for the first month unitl the nasal bones have fused and healed.

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Recovering from a septorhinoplasty


With the scenario you describe, I would suggest you plan a summer that will not involve activities during which you might be struck in the nose. Swimming might be included since nose clips or masks are often used. Tanning is not a good idea at any time. You should be able to resume full activities in 6-12 weeks, probably well in time for college.

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