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I Got Rhinoplasty 5 Days Ago. Are Flaps of Tissue and Yellow Discharge Normal?

I seem to have flaps of tissue hanging from the inside of my nose. They kind of looked like mucus but they aren't. My nose also won't stop producing a clear/ yellowish discharge. It is similar to the discharge I was experiencing while my packing was still in. I just got it taken out and now I still can't breath and the discharge is continuous. Is this bad??

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Edema versus infection after rhinoplasty



Thank you for the question.  Although infection is uncommon after rhinoplasty it is possible and should be evaluated.  I would contact your contact and report your symptoms to see if he/she would like to evaluate you.  He/she may advise you to do saline nasal irrigation periodically and/or place you on antibiotics.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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It would be a good idea to check out unusual nasal drainage with your surgeon.


Infection of the nose after rhinoplasty is almost unheard of. What you describe may very well be a variation of normal. Nevertheless, because of your concerns you should check with your surgeon.

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Early healing after a rhinoplasty


The tissue you see or feel on the vestibular or nasal skin is normal.  I would not be overly concerned about a clear yellowish drainage.  If your nose gets warm or you develop a fever contact your surgeon immediately.  

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Yellow Nasal Discharge can be infection


It is imperative to get seen by your surgeon to rule out any infection. Yellow discharge can mean an infection especially if there is redness, pain and swelling. Regards
Dr. J
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I Got Rhinoplasty 5 Days Ago. Are Flaps of Tissue and Yellow Discharge Normal?


Dear Julie,

Thank you for your question.  The lining of your nose may not have healed yet.  This is probably where the discharge is coming from.  Also the 'flaps' may be part of the lining of the nose.  I would not pull on them.  Antibiotic ointment to keep the area moist and follow up with your plastic surgeon.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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