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Rhinoplasty and Something with the Lips? (photo)

I've always had a huge issue with my "non feminine" features. I don't have a huge bump in my nose but from the front I wish my nose looked more feminine. A also feel like the space between my upper lip and my nose is to long, my top lip is very small and pokes out at a funny angle. What procedures would you recommend?

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Rhinoplasty and Lip Enlargement

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    Removing a small amount of cartilage at your tip will refine it a bit if you would like.  Filler to the lips can augment as much or as little as you want.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA


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Your nose on profile looks very  nice, if anything I would do a tip plasty to soften the tip a bit, but that would be it.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty and Something with the Lips?

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Very, very difficult case, you need a very qualified surgeon, it is necessary operat the nose, the lips and the chin.  

Maria Cristina Picon, MD
Argentina Plastic Surgeon

Feminizing the nose and lips.

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Your choir nose and lips already look feminine and you look pretty. Leave them alone remembering you can always find a surgeon willing to operate.  

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

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