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Are There Any Risks That Come Along With Revsional Eyebrow Lift Safe?

I had a hairline browlift and upper and lower eyelid surgery one year ago. My brow starting dropping within a month of the surgery and it almost looks like it did before. Is it safe to go back in and do a small lift on one eyebrow and have any of you doctors done that and what was the outcome. I do not want any damage to the brow. I still have excess skin on the eyelid since the brow dropped but I am scare for the dr. to go back in on the lid because it has a pull down feeling. thank you

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Revision brow lift typically safe


There should not be any added risk to the typical risks of brow lifting.  Make sure that your expectations are realistic - you shouldn't have to exert more than a minor upward effort with your fingers at your hairline to lift your brows to the desired level  

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revisional eyebrow lift is safe


Yes, the hairline browlift can be revised safely. You may have more post-operative numbness or paralysis intially, but this should still get better over time as you heal, much like you did the first time. I find using an Endotine anchor (used commonly in endoscopic brow-lifts) helpful when doing a hairline browlift to reduce the risk of the brow falling again after surgery. Go back and talk to your doctor. I would think he/she wants to know about this and would want to make it right for you.

Andrea Nowonty Hass, MD
Palm Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon
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