When Can a Revision Surgery Be Done for Asymmetric Eyelids After a Non Incisional Eyelid Surgery

Hi! I just had a non incisional eyelid ( suture method) surgery done 16 days ago. I found that my eyelid appears asymmetrical though the swelling of my eyelid have resolved. My left eyelid crease appears to be higher than my right eyelid. I wonder when can I have a revision surgery done after a non incisional eyelid surgery ? If a revision surgery to be done , can a suture method still be used to correct the asymmetry ? Thanks !

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Ideally you will wait 4 to 6 months.

Do your home work.  It is bad when nonsuture methods yield a suboptimal result.  It is far worse when this occurs with surgery.

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Asymmetrical eyelids

It is much too soon to judge your results.  Your crease may change for the better, or the sutures may loosen and get worse.Wait at least a 2-3 months.

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