Revision Rhinoplasty Questions About Rib Grafting and Vulnerability?

I see many have questions about rib graft rhinoplasty in revision. But the questions I didn't come across is: How more fragile is your nose after extensive grafting(like dorsal onlay graft) is it more fragile than a natural nose after healing is done? Let's say somebody punch you on your nose 1 year after, what will happen with the grafts? the second question is: How more fragile is your rib cage after rib graft harvest. Let's say you get a kick on your ribs after healing is done. Thank you

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Rib cartilage grafts


Rib cartilage grafts are pretty durable. They should not destabilize the rib cage, and they once healed the nose is pretty solid.  Sure a good punch in the nose could cause a fracture.

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