Will Medpor from Previous Rhinoplasty Cause Complications for New Surgery?

I had rhinoplalsty surgery a few years ago and a medpor strut was inserted in my columella, I have sustained an injury to my nose and there is a small dent/scar and may need a graft to be placed just above my tip.

could there be complications due to the medpor, or can this area be avoided completely. And what would be the best to graft with, i don't think i have septum cartilage left. if its small would fascia work on its own?

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Medpor Implant Complications

Medpor can be associated with complications, and therefore is an implant that I don’t routinely use. I would recommend the least invasive procedure to repair that indentation, one that avoids the same plane as the implant.

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Trauma after Rhinoplasty with Medpor Implant

Medpor implants can be difficult to remove. It sounds as if you need augmentation rather than implant removal. Depending on the size and location of the "dent" ear cartilage, fascia, or injectable fillers can be used. The medpor should not interfer with surgical correction.

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Rhinoplasty to correct dent

Medpor grafts allow tissue growth into the graft.

It sounds that your graft was in the columella only and the dent now is in the supertip. A cartillage graft taken from your ear, or even AlloDerm graft can correct your dent.

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Small dents and scars after nasal trauma.

If possible, I would try to leave the Medpor alone. It can be very difficult (i.e., damaging) to remove. Many times, minor dents can be smoothed with injectable fillers such as Juvederm (for temporary correction and to try out the appearance), or with Artefill for permanent correction. Scars can be revised in the typical ways, of course.

Best of luck,


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The small dent/scar above the tip of your nose may be treated with Injectable Fillers.

A post-traumatic small indentation on your nose would probably not require Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery. I typically use Silikon-1000 with topical anesthetic for conditions like this with favorable, permanent results and no downtime. Any Injectable Filler treatment in the nose must be performed by a physician experienced in it's application.

Feel free to email your photo to me and I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Medpor and rhinoplasty

Medpor implants are more rigid and if exposed can become infected. The problem if that occurs is that these implants are often very difficult to remove and become encased in scar tissue. If you are having surgery on a different part of your nose, it might be possible to get there and avoid the pocket where the medpor is. However, if it is in your columella, the incision in the front to get to the tip may expose that area and get it infected. Good luck. I hope this information helps.

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Medpor implant problem

A medpor columella strut may or may not have been dislodged or fractured after your accident. WIthout examining you , it would be difficult to say, and sometimes will not be recognized until you have surgery.

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Use of Medpor in rhinoplasty

I was a research fellow in plastic surgery at University of Southern California in the 1990's. My main area of research was Medpor.

The advantage of Medpor is its porous structure, which allows tissue and blood vessels to grow into it. This minimizes the chance of infection and implant displacement. The disadvantage of Medpor is that once tissue grows into it, it is very difficult to remove.

My recommendation is not to "mess" with the implant if it is not causing the problem. If the implant has to be removed and there is no infection, one can use ear cartilage, rib cartilage, or a new Medpor implant.

Best of luck.

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Rhinoplasty with Medpor Implants


The problem with medpor implants are that they are very difficult to remove. Matters can get worse if the medpor gets infected. However, it is possible to repair your dent with cartilage grafts taken for your ear. Soft tissue fascia can aslo be used depending on how much needs to be grafted.



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Rhinoplasty surgery following medpor nose implant

That is an unusual and complex problem/question. People report varying experiences with medpor. Some state that even if the medpor is exposed, it can be trimmed and people will heal over the medpor. Others state that once it is infected, it should be removed. It is possible that a graft could be placed without exposing the columella and you should see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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