Revision Rhinoplasty and Notching Effect Between the Tip and the Bridge? (photo)

I had a tip rhinoplasty 1 year ago to make it smaller. A cephalic resection was done. It was certainly very conservative as the nose is not less boxy / bulbous. But : -It was done in a moderate asymetric way (I can see through my skin the asymetric line of my alars see photo) -It created a notch effect between the alar and the bridge which I hate. My main concern is that line, not the wideness. I need your advices on which techniques could be used? why this happened? Thank you so much.

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Abnormal Tip Contour


You have very thin skin which Makes it possible to achieve a well defined nose but also reveals any irregularities of the underlying skeletal contour. The contour and asymmetry of the alar cartilages can be improved with a revision procedure. Look for experience - this is a challenging procedure.

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