Had Revision 11 Days Ago. My Left Still a Lil Firmer and Tight Feeling?

I went from 375 mods to 700hp 11 days ago. My right side is perfectly fine. But my left side feels tight and a lil bit firmer is this muscle spasm or something else that I need to worry about? I saw my PS a week after my surgery and he said breast looks good they are holding were they suppose to but. I guess left side just bothers me a lil bit. Feels like its a lil bit heavier and pulling feeling. Can some one please help me. Thank you so much.

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Asymmetric “Firmness and Tight Feeling” after Revisionary Breast Surgery?


Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise you and/or rule out complications after surgery. However, your description of one breast “bothering you a little more” than the other does not sound too concerning to me. Some difference ( mild/moderate) in discomfort or swelling after surgery is quite common.

For real peace of mind however continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon ( earlier than scheduled if you have concerns).

Best wishes.

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