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Can I Reverse Fat Grafting to my Cheeks After 6 Years? What about ATX-101?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks 6 years ago, and the results were permanent. Not much disappeared. I had more fat grafted around my cheeks to change the proportions, but that just made my face looked fatter. I then had some fat removed with microlipo, but not enough. The fat is so much a part of my facial structure now. I've got the bigsculpted cheeks whereas before my face was small and angular. Very different from how I used to look, and I never got used to it. What about ATX-101?

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How to reverse fat grafting


Over the last decade fat grafting has become a much more popular procedure. In the right hands it can be an excellent way to add volume to the face or other parts of the body. Unfortunately the survival of the fat is variable and in your case it sounds like too much survived (rarely the problem). Micro lipo with a very small cannula is probably the most precise method for fat removal. Any injectable agent is going to have a variable result and ATX-101 is not yet FDA approved. I recommend that you try the lipo procedure again. 


Daniel Medalie MD

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We don’t have all the answers with ATX-101

Thanks for the question, and as of now we don’t have all the answers with ATX-101. It appears you have had some issues with your fat grafting – I am sorry for this. We always recommend you have these procedures performed by board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons who are the most skilled in these procedures.

ATX has the potential to be a real blockbuster in our aesthetic field – we need to understand that the approval for it will be the double chin area, and anything else that we treat with it will be considered off-label use of ATX. While physicians can use any drug in an off-label fashion (that makes sense), we have no data on how this might work in your particular problem.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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