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i've been using retin a for a year for a wrinkle that has started above my top lip. JUST since i've been using the retin a i have GAINED TWO MORE wrinkles above my lip. I've asked my dermatoligist and everything i read says it helps with wrinkles. i've used it like i was supposed to. i've tried everything i know but i think its kinda funny that in the YEAR that i've been using the retin a i've actually GAINED two more wrinkles !!! do i need to stop using it or keep using it !!! PLEASE HELP !!!

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RetinA to Upper Lip Area.

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Definitely continue using your RetinA nightly, consider Botox injections to the upper lip as well!  The reason you are getting wrinkles is because of muscle movement.  Relaxing the upper lip a little with Botox can help solve this problem. 

Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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