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Retin a Application... Ok to Blend?

Is it ok to blend anything such as a natural oil or aloe vera with retin a for application?

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Retin-A can be mixed with moisturizer


Retin-A is a good option for skin rejuvenation.  Sometimes, Retin-A can be drying to the skin.  For patients that find this to be a problem we often will recommend mixing the Retin-A with moisturizer.  In doing so, the concentration of the medication is lowered but this does not seem to be a problem.

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Moisturizers with Retin-A creams


For dry skin or to tolerate Retin-A better you can definitely mix a moisturizer.  The efficacy is the same and you will have less peeling. 

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Mixing Retin-A with moisturizer


Because Retin-A products can be drying, it is best to combine them with a good, thick moisturizer. You can mix them together and apply, or better, in my opinion, is to apply the Retin-A, leave for a few minutes, then apply the moisturizer over it. Make sure you apply Retin-A to clean, dry skin.

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