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Restylane Reacted to Aquamid?

Hello! I was looking for some advice from some colleagues, I am a practicing MD from Sweden and i do Restylane injections as well as Botox. I recently had a client who had a sever unilateral swelling in the upper lip after an injection of Restylane, 30 hours after the injection. She then notified me that she 4 years ago had a Auqamid injection. I subscribed Flukloxacillin 1g x 3 times daily as well as a cortisone treatment. Any advice how to preceed? Anyone who has experience? Thank you.

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Aquamid and Restylane

I do not believe that there should have been any interaction between the Restylane and Aquamid. Perhaps a blood vessel was injected or just more swelling developed on one side than the other. As long as it has all resolved then the patient should be fine.

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