Is This Normal For Restylane Injection and Rhinoplasty Affects Combined? (photo)

I had restylane injections in my tear ducts in December 2011. I was very happy with the results. Just a week ago March 8, 2012 I had rhinoplasty done. I am noticing that most of my bruising is going away after a week of recuperation but still have deep bruising where the restylane was injected. I haven't seen any posts on this yet. It's still kind of early to tell but I am starting to panic. Can any with this experience please tell me anything about restylane and rhinoplasty affects together?

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Restylane to tear troughs and surgery

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Depending on how things settle in with the swelling after your recent surgery, I would follow up with your provider (that injected the Restylane) to see if the placement is appropriate - it may be that it's superficial and needs to be removed.

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Bruising after rhinoplasty

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It seems to be normal, as the splint over the nose puts some pressure over the cheek area and holds the bruising above it, usually the bruising takes 2 weeks to go away.

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