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Restylane Fine Lines - is It FDA-approved in the U.S.?

Is Restylane "Fine Lines" FDA-approved in the US?

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Restylane FN not yet available in the USA

Unfortunately, Restylane FN is not available in the United States at this time. You'll see that many fillers began their lifetime and Europe and South America and gain a great deal of acceptance and popularity there. The Food and Drug Administration is extremely strict to protect the safety of Americans. I anticipate that this dermal solar will be available here soon

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Restylane Fine Lines not yet approved in the US

Unfortunately, "Restylane Fine Lines" is not approved for the US yet. Although we speak constantly with the our representatives from Medicis, sometimes it is even difficult for them to make a prediction for when a product will be approved. When it comes to the FDA, nothing's a sure thing. Be patient and hopefully we'll see Restylane Fine Lines in 2010!

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Restylane fine line

Unfortunately, the 2 only Restylane [Q-med} products that are FDA approved are Restylane & Perlane. Fine line/touch, Resylane Vital, Restylane Vital Light ,Lipp, SubQ, & Macrolane are avilable in europe, but are not yet FDA-approved in USA.

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Restylane Fine Lines not yet approved in US

  Both Restylane Fine LIne and Evolence Breeze are waiting in the wings for FDA approval. These are both meant for the region just below the epidermis and should be excellent choices for the crow's feet, sub-orbital (under the eyes), and smoker's lines.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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Not Yet in the United States

Currently Restylane Fine Line is not yet approved but it is on the horizon. Physician injectors in other countries have given this product favorable reviews. For treating fine lines, the best option in the US is precise injection of existing NASHA agents which are FDA approved. Collagen, designed to treat fine lines, has the risk of reaction and there exists questions if its minimal duration makes it a worthwhile product.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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