Can I Restore the Humps on the Side of my Bridge?

I had a rhinoplasty during which osteotomies were performed to reduce the nasal width. But now feel like its too thin and has lost some of its character. My main concern is that I had bumps on the sides of my bridge that are no longer there. My Questions are 1 : Is it possible to restore these bumps? 2 : and is it possible to create a flatter bridge like i had before without reducing the height of my nose? Thanks for your time :)

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Impossible revision rhinoplasty

 It impossible to add bumps on the sidewall of the nose to widen the  bridge. What you're asking for is  a completely unnatural look and you would be very unhappy with the results. Best to leave well enough alone when  you get a great result

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Can I Restore the Humps on the Side of my Bridge?

All surgeons will tell you that rhinoplasty patients have the highest degree of dissatisfaction of any surgery we do. Your result is excellent. Any attempt to change it will still likely be unsatisfying and opens the door to unnecessary complications.

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