Repigmented Itchy Mole?

I am a middle aged male, dark hair, medium complexion. I had a shave biopsy a year and a half ago on a lesion back of my leg, came back as mild atypical Nevus. There were "clear margins", repigmented shortly after removal, same size 4 mm and appearance. The lesion began to itch about 3 weeks ago. Not really thinking about what I was itching through my pants, I think I agitated the mole. It seeped slightly. I had it removed and now waiting on biopsy results. How concerned should I be?

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Mole removal in Los Angeles


The results of your pathology report should direct the future course of the mole treatment. It all depends on whether the recurrence was a result of inflammation or recurrence of the lesion. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Mole returned after removal, should I be concerned


Sometimes a mole will return after it was removed. I'm glad that you went in and had it looked at after you noticed it had returned, and that it was changing. I wouldn't be concerned at this point. Even if it is cancerous, the fact that you caught it quickly should make it treatable rather easily even if a larger excision is necessary.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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