Removing Implants with Permanent Sutures Around Areola

I had implants placed through the areola along with a mastopexy on one breast 6 weeks ago. My areolas have permanent sutures around them. I want to remove my implants cause I'm not happy with them. What happens to the sutures breast and areola? Please help

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Management of permanent sutures in areola with breast implant removal (explantation)

If the permanent sutures are important to maintaining the appearance of the areola then they should be replaced at the time of implant removal. However, your areolae will be less prone to stretching due to the decreased size of the breast.

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Breast implants

You probably had a breast augmentation and periareolar lift.

6 weeks is too early to judge. wait at least 3 months before making a decision.

The implants can be removed but the breast shape size will change. Most probably you will not like it and you will need another procedure. The permanent suture can be removed at the time of surgery. See another Board certified plastic surgeon for another opinion. You now have three plastic surgeons opinions. so do not make a hastey decision.

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Implant removal and permanent sutures

You should probably wait at least a total of 3 months before going back in to remove the implants.  As for the permanent sutures around the areola, they can probably be removed as well.

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Implant Removal After 6 weeks?

First off, after having the implants for only 6 weeks, I would give yourself a little more time to get adjusted to everything.  It really takes about three months to fully heal, as well as to mentally feel comfortable with everything.  It is not unusual for some women to be depressed/ dissapointed at varying times in their postoperative period.  In general, if you allow yourself to heal fully, 99.9% of women are happy with the choice they made.  That being said, if you do opt to have the implants removed, the permanent suture could be removed at that time as well without much difficulty.  I hope this helps.

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