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Who Removes Breast Implants and a Tumor at the Same Time? What Kind of Doctor? How Do I Find Them?

The tumor is about 8cm by 11cm, located above the nipple. It has not metastised. I only want the implants and the tumor removed, and I plan to follow an alternative treatment that will build up my immune system. (not the standard radiation or chemo) I am concerned that the surgeon will be able to remove all the scar tissue from the implants.

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Tumor and breast implants


You probably want to consider having both a plastic surgeon and a breast oncologic surgeon involved with your care.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Most likley have a general and plastic surgeons collaborate for tumor and imlpant removal


Most likely, it would be best to arrange for a general and plastic surgeon to  collaborate for tumor and imlpant removal

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants


Judging by your photos, you need to see an oncologic breast surgeon.  A plastic surgeon will remove the implants, but the cancer surgeon will need to address your tumor.  A biopsy is indicated to determine what it is that you have.  The photo is of concern.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breast tumor and implant removal


Your photo is very alarming actually.  You don't say what the nature of the tumor is and whether it is cancerous or benign. This is critical.  Given that you are in Baltimore, I'd recommend you first see the breast cancer surgeons at Johns Hopkins for the latest in surgical care options.  Please do this asap.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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What kind of tumor do you have?

You need to have a diagnosis before surgery. If you have cancer , you need to see a breast surgeon,if not cancer ,a plastic surgeon can remove both.
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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