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How Can I Remove a Scar from Waxing?

i have waxed my upper lip about a year ago and i went over the same places OVER AND OVER again. it left really ugly scabs and one day they peeled off and now i am left with a dark shadow on my upper lip which is really disturbing and annoying because it looks like i have a mustache and i feel like crying when i look in the mirror :'( so my question is is there any creams that can help this or reduce it or any home remedies? Thanks for reading!

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MelaPeel for dark scars


Hyperpigmentation scars can be treated with Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM creams to even out color.  This is followed by a chemical peel known as MelaPeel in my office.

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How Can I Remove a Scar from Waxing?


There are a variety of bleaching creams now available that can lighten this discoloration. Best to make an appointment with your cosmetic dermatologist.

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