How to Remove Bumpy Collagen in the Nose

i had a collagen injection for 3 years now, I and i find it ok and beautiful except in my upper nose area. It has a red bumpy appearance. I need to put make up on it to hide the redness and bump everytime i go out.How can I remove that bump? Is it safe to just prick it with surgical needle because the collagen seems like can be easily removed if it is pricked. HELP.

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Collagen Injection?

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One of the main reasons that collagen injections have fallen by the wayside in favor of hyaluronic acid injections (Juvederm, Restylane) is longevity.  On average, collagen lasted for 1-2 months.  Therefore, I am suspicious that whatever was injected in your nose 3 years ago was not collagen and may have been silicone.  Silicone injections have been associated with chronic granulomatous reactions for a variety of reasons and aren't generally recommended.  I would see an experienced Facial Plastic or Plastic Surgeon for your problem.

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