Would a removable appliance work to straighten my crooked front teeth or do I need more extensive work? (photos)

I am considering orthodontic treatment in the next year for my crooked or rotated front teeth. I do not desire to spend 1-2 years in traditional braces, as I am a professional and almost 30 years old. I have been researching removable appliances and wonder if they would do the trick or if my issue is one that would require more work. Pictures included-front and side views, as well as upper and lower arches. Thanks.

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Invisalign with acceladent is a great solution

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Invisalign will allow you a a nice cosmetic result while maintaining your professional look.  acceladent is a newer technology that allows you to speed up tooth movement by 40 -50%.. I use it in my practice and my patients are thrilled with the result

Denver Orthodontist

Removable appliance

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You do not have to spend 1-2 years with traditional braces. Removable appliance like invisalign could easily correct the crowding and in much shorter time.

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