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How Much Time Should I Intend to Take off After Abdominoplasty?

I Am a Registered Nurse. 

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Time Off Work Following Abdominoplasty


The time which should be taken off work following a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty  depends upon the tasks which need to be performed while at work.  If one works at a desk with no lifting or straining, it is possible to return to work after 10-14 days.  On the other hand, if your job is strenuous, you may need to be off for 4-6 weeks.  You should discuss this with your surgeon.

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Recovery after Tummy Tuck


We usually want our patients walking the same day of the tummy tuck, definitely the next day. Drains stay in a few days, if we do a lipo-tummy tuck, drains stay in longer because of all the fluid infiltration from the liposuction part. If everything works out fine, usually, we advice return to work in about 7-10 days for a desk job, but if heavy lifting is required then we advice waiting at least 3-4 weeks after surgery. J. Vicente Poblete, MD, Avon Lake, OH.

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Tummy tuck


I usually recommend 10 to fourteen days off following an abdominoplasty. However, this varioes depending on the exact requirments of the job.

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How much time off after tummy tuck


Time off after tummy tuck will vary by patient expectations, and by surgeon recommendations, and of course on how much muscle repairs impact the healing. In our experience, we ask patients to take off two weeks, though some will go back earlier if they are up to the challenge. Lifting should be limited for four to six weeks, though gentle activities and lots of walking are great right from start. As a nurse, you realize some patients just get up and go, and we hope you are one of them.

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It depends on what you do


Hi Janelle, I think should not lift anything more than 10 lbs after surgery for six weeks. So if your job involve pulling or pushing then you need to wait for six weeks. You can go back much earlier than that if you do mostly desk work. Hope this help.

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It depends on what your job duties are.


If you are a charge nurse or med nurse you can probably get back in a week.  If you are having to move patients or work in the OR you may need a little bit longer, but I would expect you to be back in at least 2 weeks.  Probably 6 weeks before you could play tennis or something that strenuous.

Good luck with your surgery,

Dr T

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Time off after tummy tuck


Most of my patients go back to work after 10 to 14 days after tummy tuck.  However, nurses often times do more strenuous work than most other patients.  Although you may be able to go back to work within 3 weeks, you should not do lifting or pulling for up to 6 weeks.  It will be important to follow your plastic surgeon's advice.

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