Complications Regarding Breast Reduction 34 Years Ago?

I had breast reduction 34 years ago and now at age 57 my breasts are large (DD) and have developed bilateral discoloration , ie; mottled bluish/purple alterrnating to red on lower half of breasts bilaterally. I am unable to wear any bra that puts even slightest pressure on ribcage due to rib inflammation process since age 19. Recent mammogram was clear. What could be causing lower breast discoloration? Sorry, I do not have access to download picture. Bellasma

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Breast discoloration 34 years after reduction

Thank you for the question. It would be difficult to give you an answer without in person consultation. It is very unusual complaints and not sure if it could be related to your beast reduction. My advice for you is to see a plastic surgeon in your area.

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