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Is It Possible to Reduce Prominent, Overfolded Antilex by Cutting Away a Piece from It? (photo)

I have seen many examples where doctors cut a piece out of the ear horizontally (a triangle) to reduce the size of the ear. This ''cutting'' includes cutting a way pieces of the antihelix. However, when someone has a sharp and overfolded antilex, is it also possible to cut a piece out of the anthilex, vertically? (see picture example), to reduce its ''foldiness'' and promincence? And yes, I know there are other ways (cartilage-support) but I'm asking about this specific method.

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Removal of Cartilage from Ear

  This piece of cartilage can be removed but you will have a scar in its place.  Usually the ear can be recontoured without removing cartilage from the ear.  Kenneth Hughes, MD otoplasty ear pinning Los Angeles, CA

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