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Redness Around Scar After Erbium Treatment?

I had an Erbium treatment to smooth out a scar on my lower arm. The erbium has caused redness around my scar that is still persistent 4 months after treatment.

What can be done about this? Should I give Fraxel a try, go for another Erbium treatment, or just let it be?

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Try IPL to reduce redness around scar after Erbium laser treatment


4 months is too long to have redness after Erbium laser resurfacing of a scar. The arm heals much slower than the face but 4 months is too long.

See your doctor and ask if you have a hypertrophic scar.

IPL in the 550-650nm range can be used by an expert to reduce redness or inflammation after laser resurfacing.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Take a break from laser treatments


 It is normal to have redness after and laser skin ablative treatment - laser skin resurfacing.  I would recommend waiting at least 6-9 months before having another ablative treatment.  There are technologies that can help reduce redness if it is a persistent problem

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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