Recovery Time Too Optimistic? (photo)

M, 41 yo, 5'11", 205 lbs, 19%bf. Already had a full tummy tuck and getting "love handles" excised (skin excision plus lipo) on Oct 25. My PS told me there would be two incisions on either side of my torso both going from just in front of my hips to the back above my butt, not connecting. No muscle repair PS tells me 2 weeks back to office, 4 weeks back to gym at full tilt. is this too optimistic?

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Recovery Time for Lateral Thigh Lift / Liposuction Too Optimistic?

Your question and photograph bring up ANOTHER question. Is excision of the love handles really necessary? The procedure is usually done as a Lateral Thigh lift in cases of large weight loss. In most people we can get great results with Liposuction (especially VASER) since the skin in this area shrinks nicely.

As far as recovery, I agree with your plastic surgeon. I would refrain from strenuous gym work outs until HE formally releases you.

Good Luck.

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You do not need any incitions can be solved with vasser ultrasound lypo/no necesitarias incision alguna con lypo ultrasonica

i dont see the reasons to cut the skin, this would have been solved easeally with only vasser ultrasonic lypo, this is an ambulatory procedure and besides you only would need 3 to 5 days of resting and no more than a week to back to excersise after done the procedure of course with your elastic garment on you.

no veo la razon para cortar la piel esto se pudo haber  evitado solo con lypo ultrasonico como un procedimiento ambulatorio y regresar a trabajar al tercer dia  y al ejercicio a la semana pero con una faja elastica compresiva sobre ti

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