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Recovery from Botched Lower Face Lift, Left me with a Hematoma. I'm Receiving Treatments, but is this Permanent?

I had a lower face lift 18 months ago that left me with a hematoma in my left cheek that swells and goes down at will. I had such severe bruising that I ended up with open wounds on the outside of my face that resulted in scars. I've been having them lasered for the past year. It's better but I'm still having laser treatments. I also have lumpy scar tissue under my skin along my jawline. Will microneedling help break up that scar tissue? The hematoma comes and goes, could this be permanent?

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Recovery from Botched Lower Face Lift, Left me with a Hematoma. I'm Receiving Treatments, but is this Permanent?


 This doesn't sound like a hematoma, after a Face Lift, but might be a parotid gland leak from injury to that gland or the parotid duct.  This results in saliva entering the facial tissues causing inflammation, infection and open drainage.  You might want to see an ENT surgeon and have tests done to check your parotid glands and ducts.  The treatment for a salivary leak is serial aspiration before it causes infection and is quite different from treating a hematoma which typically occurs during the early post-op period (hours to several days) after a Face Lift.  Hope this helps.

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18 Months after Facelift and Swelling that Comes and Goes


If you have swelling that comes and goes 18 months after a facelift, you may have a parotid leak.  I would recommend an exam and possible treatment with antisialagogues and Botox.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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So sorry to lean about your hematoma.


It sounds as though you had a very severe hematoma complication with a compromise to the circulation of the facelift flap.  This are often worse if there is a history of smoking or diabetes.  It is appropriate for you to get several options about current best options for your situation.  No microneedling will do nothing for your situation.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Hematoma Present 18 Months after Faceift


Your intermittent left cheek swelling 18 months after a facelift is not a hematoma (a collection of blood). I will not address your multiple problems, but suggest you consult with a specialist who does a lot of facelift surgery to diagnose the cause of your cheek swelling and evaluate you for  a possible revision.  

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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