Recovery After Breast Implant Upsizing and Capsulotomy, Possible Symnastia? (photo)

1st BA - (420cc saline,through armpit,subpectoral)I went back to my PS bc of rippling and wanted to go larger-750cc,saline/subpectoral, but through the areola this time.He had to do a capsulotomy as wel to release some scar tissue.After, he told me my chest muscles were so big they kept slipping from the clamps, and had to do more then he initially thought. 5 weeks now and I am still in pain(burning,cant sleep) from my pictures does it look like possible synmastia?they seem very close??

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You  do not have symmastia. The pain and burning that you are feeling is not that uncommon at 5 weeks. The question of whether you are " too big," is a personal one, and should only be made by you.  I agree that going with larger implants will not prevent ripples.  Your best option was to switch to silicone gels.  750 cc's is too much for saline implants.  When you get to such large volumes, you are particularly better off with silicone gels.

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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This is not symmastia

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You are very large and the n  burning can be from that in combination to  the fact that you are early in the healing phase.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
Brandon Plastic Surgeon
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No Symmastia

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The breast are separated at the midline, but because the implants are large, they are very close together. Is this the look you wanted?

Recovery After Breast Implant Upsizing and Capsulotomy, Possible Symnastia?

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No I do not see a symmastia. But you have very LARGE implants that take healing time. Is this the look you desired? 


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No, I do not think that you have symmastia. The implants are too larger for your body and that is why they look close.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant up sizing, do I have symmastia?

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Thank you for the photo. It does not appear that you have symmastia. You implants are close because they are too large for your chest wall. If a person develops rippling is because the breast tissues are very thin or overstretched. Placing larger implants will not correct the situation, but just postpones the inevitable; further tissue thinning, sagging from the weight of the implants and further rippling. What will be your next solution? Place even larger implants? Personally, I feel you would have done better with the same size implants, but silicone gel and placement of tissue matrix (Strattice or Alloderm) to cover the implant and prevent future rippling and lessen the possibility of capsular contracture. Work closely with your plastic surgeon or get another opinion. Good luck.

Possible synmastia

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Though your breasts are close to your midline, it does not appear that you have synmastia.  Discuss implant displacement exercises with your surgeon, especially to shift your breasts laterally.  More healing time will likely improve the appearance as well.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon
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