Recourse for Lifestyle Lift Complications?

Is there honestly any hope that the discomfort, lumps,and ridges that I still have almost 4 months after a Lifestyle Lift will resolve? If not, what recourse do I have?

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Correct bumps and ridges from lifestyle lift

It is difficult to know what they are sincelifestyle lift keeps their operation a secret and they are not so good with disclosing what was done or helping clients postop I have heard. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you and tell you wait  and how long if a surgical correction is in order

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Lifestyle Lift procedure details are largely unknown

The general techniques of how a LL are perfomed are kept secret and therefore correction is difficult if the details of the procedure are unknown.

Your best bet is to contact the physician who performed the procedure and direct the questions to him or her.

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