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What is Recommended for This Type of Ventral Hernia?

White female, 50 years old, weight is 200 lbs., 5' 3" tall, in 2001 I had to my gallbladder removed. Since then I have had four ventral hernia surgeries. The first ventral hernia surgery. 2002, a couple of months later a patch was put in. 2004 the patch was replaced, 2007 another ventral hernia surgery, the patch was removed, and muscle transpositioning left and right side, reconstruct naval, and a tummy tuck. 2008 ventral hernia repaired again six months, after the last major surgery...

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Recurrent ventral hernia

It is difficult to say what intervention you may benefit from without an examination.  Given your recurrent hernia history, you may want to visit with a general surgeon for an evaluation. If you are experiencing a recurrent ventral hernia, then you also may benefit from an evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon who may be able to evaluate you for component separation reconstruction of your abdominal wall.  Best wishes.

Dr Basu

Houston, TX

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