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Can You Recommend a Good Scar Treatment/Cream for Post Op Breast Augmentation?

I'm 3wks post op from breast augmentation with an inframmary incision. My surgeon said I should use a scar cream but the 1 she offers is quite pricey, I forget the name. Can you recommend a good one? Have been looking into ScarGuardMD but have read mixed reviews leaving me unsure about spending the $$ on it. Tried Mederma & that was awful, it made my incision site stick to my bra and I had to peel my bra off which I'm sure caused more harm than good. I was told to use one with silicone in it.

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Scar treatment after breast augmentation?


Biodermis, Cimeosil, Scarguard, Hybrisil, and others market topical silicone applied via tube, and a variety of adhesive silicone sheeting products may also be helpful.  If the scar is directly in the inframammary crease, it will not show when healed.  If above the crease and there is tension on the healing wound, tape may indeed be a better option than silicone.  If below the crease, massage against your ribs, topical silicone, and if hypertrophic, corticosteroid injections may be helpful.

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Breast Implant Scars


The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published an article several years ago on the effectiveness of silicone sheeting versus creams versus herbal treatments for scars.  The solid, silicone gel sheeting came out on top, by far.  We use Biodermis, but you can go on line and search for silicone gel sheeting for scars.  Despite claims that additives to the sheeting improve results, there is no evidence to support this.  It is the pressure of the sheet that flattens and fades the scar.  So I would purchase the least expensive product.  All the best, "Dr. Joe"

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Post-operative scar care.


I have all my breast and body surgery patients tape their incisions for about 3 months, then do a scar check and if the scars are flat and white, the patient can stop taping.  If the scars are still pink and/or raised, they continue taping for another couple of months.  I think this accelerates the process of scar maturation.  I don't think the type of tape matters.  If a patient is sensitive to one type, I have then try another type.  If all tape is an issue, I have them use a silicone based scar cream like Mederma. 

I tell my patients not to put vitamin E on the scars until they are mature.  Putting vitamin E on a immature scar can cause weakening and widening of the scar. 

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Silicone sheeting


Post operative scar management is important for all plastic surgery.  I have tried many products over the years and the best i have found is silicone sheeting.  The is cut to size and placed over the scar and used for about 2 month. It cost about 50 dollars or so.  You can order it from my office.

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Scar treatment/cream for breast augmentation


With regard to post op scar treatment, In our office, we usually recommend ScarGuard along with a moisturisizing cream with sunblock from Obagi.  If cost is a significant factor, you can use an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortizone cream such as Cortaid along with a good moisturizer.  When using sunblocks look for one with an SPF of 30 or higher.  Best Wishes.

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Incision treatment after breast augmentation


I am not a big fan of the creasm, because nonw have been shown to work that effectively. Maybe if you have a problem scar, a silicone based cream or really silicone sheeting is best.  I usualy have my patients keep steri-strips or paper tape on their incisions for about 6 weeks.

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Improving breast augmentation scars


Breast augmentation scars can benefit from early intervention, including Melaquin PM to reduce PIH, prolonged silicone or steri strip adhesives, and fractional laser. 

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Scar Treatment


First and foremost, you can't judge your scar right now.  It takes time for them to fade.  I don't even take after pictures until six months after surgery at the earliest.  Having said that, if you really want to use something I highly recommend Biocorneum.  My patients really love this product and claim it works just as well on old scars as it does on fresh scars.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Containing Products Best For Scar Prevention


The most important consideration in scarring is simply the type of scar an individual tends to form.  I recommend silicone-containing creams, gels, or strips to my patients as I feel these products have the most to offer.  ScarGuard is one of several of these products.  Remember these tend to improve rather than prevent scars.

Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Scarguard works


Thanks for your question.  in my experience Scarguard works well, silicone sheeting is also an excellent option.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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