Possible to Litigate a Temple Artery That Bulges Most of the Time/ and Big in Warm Weather?

Can anyone recomend a Doctor in ct to litigate a temple artery that bulges most of the time/ and big in warm weather? I can't seem to find anyone to do this. It gets larger in the sun and after excecise. What can be done for this? I am in great shape and do not have high blood pressure or take any meds. Thanks

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Treatment for a bulging artery (or vein) in the temple.

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First it is important to know if it is a vein or an artery (If it pulses, it is and artery).  If it is a vein it can be ligated under local anesthesia.  If it is an artery, it is best left alone, but can be reduced in appearance by the use of injectable fillers around it, which will make it appear less obvious.

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