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I just read where a woman said she got good results in the chin area, but it didn't last. Is Venus Freeze only temporary?

I've had 4 treatments on my upper arms but don't see any results yet. I have paid for 6 altogether, so still hoping for improvement. I have done each treatment 1 week apart. What is the optimum timing? We are going on vacation soon & will be gone 2-3 weeks, will that be a problem for me re getting good results? After the end of my 6 treatments, if I still don't see results, should I go for more? How long after last treatment should I see results?

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Hello, and thank you for your questions. For optimal results, you should plan your VenusFreeze treatments 1 week apart, trying not to miss more than a week- 2 weeks in between.  For body parts, we do recommend at least 8-10 treatments with "maintenance" treatments every 3-4 months. VenusFreeze is, unfortunately, not a permanent solution. While we have seen phenomenal results, it is a treatment that needs to be continual. Please visit with your VenusFreeze specialist as they have the best knowledge for your particular case. Best of luck to you! 


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