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Rapid Capsular Contracture and Revision Recurrence?

I had my BA and lollipop lift in Feb 2012. My results were a dream. I have now noticed tightening in my right breast. I have 200cc left and 175 cc right. My right breast implant has shrunk to the side of a tennis ball cut in half and is ‘fairly’ tight. It has risen higher to my collarbone. I have under the muscle smooth silicone implants. Might this be from excess bleeding? Or too much muscle work at the gym? I am heading back for revision in Feb 2013, what’s the likelihood of recurrence?

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Capsular contracture


Tough to say!! These are very small implants and they could have been displaced with your activity level.

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Capsular Contracture


Usually there is no suggestion of a specific cause for a capsular contracture. Exercise if anything should decrease the chances. Hematoma may be a causative factor, but it doesn't sound like you had one. 

The biggest risk factor for capsular contracture is a prior history of capsular contracture. Someone having a revision surgery for CC is more likely to get another than is a woman having a first time augmentation. 

A number of things may decrease the incidence: removing the old pocket, changing out the implant, and, most significantly, using Strattice, an acellular dermal matrix, which seems to have the lowest recurrence rate of CC, but it is quite pricey.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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No One Knows What Causes Capsular Contracture


    No One Knows What Causes Capsular Contracture.  It is likely multifactorial.  There has not been an association with working out to this date.  Bleeding may play a role.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Hughesplasticsurgery Los Angeles, CA

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Early Capsular Contracture or Not?



Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, without a physical examination and additional details about your surgery it is not possible to provide you with a solid diagnosis.

So, your situation may be the result of a capsular contracture as well as an implant displacement due to extensive exercising at the gym.

However, capsular contractures forming at about 9 months post-op tend to happen rarely. If this was your case, the chances or recurrence do exist; they differ from one patient to another.

At this point, I encourage you to communicate freely with your surgeon and share with him/her your concerns.

I hope this helps and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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